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Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archæological Discourse on the Antiquities ...

 By Henry Rowlands, Henry Owen, Lewis Morris, Edward Lhuyd
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By Henry Rowlands
, Henry Owen, Lewis
Morris, Edward Lhuyd
Illustrated by John
Contributor John Gibson
, Isaac Taylor
Published 1766
Printed for J. Knox
357 pages
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized Oct 18, 2007
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The "three catalogues" are lists of (1) members of Parliament; (2) sheriffs; (3) clergy.


thefe, ligion, neral
Druids, Sichem, thefe
Ammianus Marcellinus, Strabo, Pythagoras
Plutarch, Sertorius, Tacitus
Tacitus, Plutarch, Ifle of Mona
Bryn gwyn, cirque, Weft
Cromlech, Llanidan, Ifle
Cantref, Comot, Cybi
Armorica, duke of Cornwal, king Cadwaladr
feven, Suetonius, Bede
Dubricius, Maelgwn Gwynedd, Beuno
Anglesey, infcription, cloifter
king Cadwaladrs, Llyr, Edern
Armorica, Mathrafal, king Arthur
Vortigern, Silures, Gwynedd
Ptolomy, kingdom of Ireland, ginal
thofe, Armenia, reafon
Chamar, neral, Crom
Gilgal, Karnedd, Laban
etymons, Dryw, Latin
Diodorus Siculus, Boadicea, Gauls
CARACTACUS, Agricola, Methufelah
HEBREW, Halal, Bagad
Syriac, Chaldee, difperfion
Nimrod, feve, Terah
Medes, Uranus, Titans
Nummi, Celtic, Jews
Suevi, Lazius, Britim
Englyns, weft, provo
Henry Bertie, Plas Newydd, Henry Bulkeley
Bodorgan, Plas Coch, Penmynydd
commendam, Hugh Griffith, Henry VIII

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And Jacob said unto his brethren, Gather stones, and they took stones, and made a heap: and they did eat there upon the heap. - Page 50

... on end; which ftones fo funk and well clofed about with earth, and the tops of them appearing level to the top of the mount, on which the other flat... - Page 96

Claudius] to discover those parts ; and arriving at one of the islands, next adjoining to the fore-mentioned, which was inhabited by some few Britons, (but those held sacred and inviolable by all their countrymen,) immediately after his arrival, the air grew black and troubled, strange apparitions were seen, the winds raised a tempest, and fiery spouts, or whirlwinds, appeared dancing towards the earth. When these prodigies were ceased, the islanders informed him, that some one of the aerial beings,... - Page 75

Anglesey, the Ancient Seat of the British Druids. In Two Essays. With an Appendix, containing a Comparative Table of Primitive Words, and the Derivatives of them, in several of the Tongues of Europe ; with Remarks upon them. - Page i

And Samuel judged Israel all the days of his life. And he went from year to year in circuit to Beth-el, and Gilgal, and Mizpeh, and judged Israel in all those places. - Page 222

I transcribe the following account, Lib. I., fol. 3 : — "Cratilinth, coming to the Crown in the year 277, made it one of his first works to purge the kingdom of heathenish superstition, and expulse the Druids, a sort of priests, held in those days in great reputation. - Page 109

Life of Homer, p. 1 04. them ; and, which is more remarkable, they could, as if they had the ufe of telefcopes, fhew the moon very near them, and difcover therein mountains, &c. They had a large grove and temple of a round form to which the priefts frequently reforted with their harps to chaunt tlie praifes of APOLLO their great Deity. - Page 77

Hela, ie wood-rangers, which was perhaps the common appellation of the aborigines, lost with us, and retained only by the Irish, then the objection falls to the ground, and the instance confirms the conjecture that they are the remains of the first planters... - Page 27

There are also in Llanddaniel parish, at a place formerly called Llwyn Llwyd, now Bryn Kelli, the remains of two carnedds within a few paces of one another; the one (fig. 3) is somewhat broken and pitted into on one side where the stones have been carried away; the other (fig. - Page 94

... learned several other notes as to their orthography, with the signification of some few words ; but I am at a loss to know the British of what country it was ; for it seems so different from ours, that I should rather suspect it either for the language of the Picts, or that of the Strathclwyd Britains, as perhaps you will own upon reading the three following Englyns,* which I found at the top margin of three successive pages in the midst of the book. I sent it to one Mr. , a Shropshire Welshman,... - Page 311

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Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archæological Discourse on the Antiquities ...

Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archæological Discourse on the Antiquities ...

by Henry Rowlands, Henry Owen, Lewis Morris, Edward Lhuyd - Britons - 1766 - 357 pages
The "three catalogues" are lists of (1) members of Parliament; (2) sheriffs; (3)clergy.

Mona Antiqua Restaurata: An Archæological Discourse on the Antiquities ...

by Henry Rowlands - Anglesey (Wales) - 1723 - 383 pages
Titlepage in red and black.
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